KAREN RIVERA      Hairstylist

My passion is to make my clients feel and look their best. I excel at the art of listening so if you would like a more edgy look or a style that is more classic I can give you the attention you deserve and the look that you desire.  I have been licensed in three states and my reputation for excellence in the professional beauty industry has allowed me to work with clients in Houston, Orlando & New Orleans. I stay on top of all the latest trends and love being able to showcase my creativity through cut and color. To further my education I have attended classes in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Las Vegas and London. I owned Rumors Hair Studio in Orlando Florida for years and then life took me in another direction moving to New Orleans and then Houston. I now live in Texas and travel to Orlando to work every month and I love every minute of it! Come check out my new home in Pearland Texas at Artisan Loft Salon. I look forward to seeing you there.


Cell: 407-234-7070
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8703 W Broadway, Ste 119

      Pearland, TX 77584

   1910 Alden Rd.     Orlando, FL 32803

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“My passion is to make my clients feel and look their best”


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